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Windows Vista Compatibility

Versions of Trojan Remover earlier than 6.6.0 are not compatible with Windows Vista. You should update the program to the latest version.

Known Issues

User Access Control [UAC]
If you have User Access Control (UAC) enabled (it is enabled by default, and Microsoft highly recommend you leave it enabled), each time you start Trojan Remover you will see a UAC elevation prompt. This is because Trojan Remover requires access to protected system areas and processes. It is more sensible to ask for UAC elevation the one time, when the program starts, rather than ask each time a different protected area is accessed during the scan. A future version will design around this limitation and only request UAC elevation when action is required on a protected registry key or file.

FastScan Shows Black Screen
When you start Vista and the FastScan screen appears, sometimes the screen appears to be blacked out, and the titlebar says that the FastScan program is "not responding". This happens when Vista is busy dealing with all the other program startup requirements. There is no need for you to do anything, the FastScan will start scanning correctly once it is allocated enough processor time.



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